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Picking the wedding headpiece 👑

21 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Even the littlest of details can change up a bride's look! 👰🏻 In this blog post we compiled some of the headpieces that brides go for from simple to intricate! 

There are multiple options for a headpiece including:

Floral hair pins or clips — Subtle and complements the veil 

Flower crowns — Great for rustic-themed weddings! Similar colours or a mix of colours go just as well. 

Tiaras — A more traditional piece which gives an elegant touch 

Circlets or feathered headpieces — Unique and more vintage-themed. Perfect for that simple yet bold look ;)

Whichever headpiece you're looking for we can help design and customise one for you! 

We hope your wedding planning goes well and if you ever need help you can DM us on Instagram @anahanawed ♡

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