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Beautiful, Themed Bridal Bouquets

21 Apr 2022 0 Comments

“Yes, I do.”

Does this life-changing sentence sounds familiar? Is this what you answered to the big question recently? Or maybe this is what you got as a response to popping the question? Either way, so your beloved has proposed to you (or you have proposed to them) and now as a newly engaged couple, you’re planning your wedding! Congratulations!

But wait! There are so many things to fuss over during wedding preparations – venue, food, guest list, outfits, decors, and more. So, Ana Hana is here to help relieve you of one of the things you might worry about – the bridal bouquet!

A bridal bouquet is unique to every bride. This little flower bouquet not only compliments the venue, it also adds a special touch to the bride’s wedding gown. Since it will be held in the hands of the bride when she’s walking down the aisle, the bridal bouquet will thus be a very eye-catching piece of accessory. This is why it’s important that the bridal bouquet have flowers and an overall colour theme that match the wedding’s theme and the bride’s wedding gown. (You want your wedding to look perfect!) This may sound easy to coordinate, but imagine adding this to your very long to-do list😩 Not fun!

Not to worry though, as here at Ana Hana, we’ve found a fuss-free way for you to choose your bridal bouquet. Simply browse through the collections of wedding bouquets that we’ve collated here! Our bouquets are categorised by a wide range of themes so you’ll definitely find one that fits the overall colour and theme of your wedding. After you’ve found the one that catches your fancy, just add the desired size to cart and check out! We’ll then start preparing your bridal bouquet, simple as that! (Do note that flowers used will be based on availability but we’ll make sure to arrange the bouquet as close to the theme chosen as possible.)

If you’ve yet to settle on a theme for your wedding, why not take a look at these five themes below? Maybe you’ll be inspired!

1. Madison Collection

The Madison Collection is all about elegance in simplicity. This collection focuses on subtlety so you can be sure that if you choose the bridal bouquet in this collection, you’ll get a bouquet that has muted and soft pastel tones that give a pure and clean look.

Madison Collection - Bridal Bouquet

2. Tropicana Collection

As the name suggests, the Tropicana Collection is all about warm colours! Think yellow, orange, and the likes! The bouquet from this collection is for a wedding where the couple and guests alike are down for dancing all night and having fun! Take a look at this collection if your wedding is themed with earthy tones.

Tropicana Collection - Bridal Bouquet

3. Whimsical Wonderland Collection

One of the most colourful collections in Ana Hana’s book, the Whimsical Wonderland Collection is named after fairy tales and wonderlands where bright and cheery colours take the spotlight! Afraid too many colours won’t work? Don’t be! Our experienced florist is guaranteed to create a bouquet that is not only colourful but will also whisk you and your guests away into a fairy tale.

Whimsical Wonderland Collection - Bridal Bouquet

4. Oriental Express Collection

This collection is for Chinese couples out there who are honouring the Chinese culture and holding a traditional wedding where red is the main colour. Even though your wedding is traditional, it doesn’t mean it has to be like the old times! Oriental Express’ bouquet will be sure to wow as we’ll add a modern twist that will please both you and your parents.

Oriental Express Collection - Bridal Bouquet

5. Celestial Collection

Just like its name, the Celestial Collection is inspired by the sky. You’ll find pure white flowers in the bridal bouquet from this collection, making this bouquet perfect for couples who are holding a classic white wedding that symbolise purity and innocence.

Celestial Collection - Bridal Bouquet

We hope that this little list will be enough to inspire you for your wedding. But if it’s not, there are tons more collection here for you to check out!

Lastly, congratulations on finding ‘the one’ and we wish you a happy and blessed marriage!


Ana Hana

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