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Flower 101

Caring for Your Fresh Peonies

15 Jun 2022

Peonies are culturally and symbolically rich flowers that originate from China. These flowers have many different meanings, some of them being good fortune, riches, prosperity and honour. Often seen in a gorgeous pink colour, peonies also symbolise romance, happy marriages and compassion. In their native country, China, peonies are known as the ‘king of flowers’ and are often associated with the noble and honourable.

Peony season is considerably short, starting in late April and lasting merely until June. Peonies bloom most magnificently in May. Since peony season is so short, fans of this glorious flower might look for ways to keep them around longer. One way is to buy preserved peonies, which are guaranteed to last for weeks or even months with proper care. But if you’re one of those who prefer fresh flowers, read on to find out how you can best take care of your beautiful peonies so that they will stay fresh for the longest time possible!

Pink and White Peonies

1. Trim the Stems

Cut off around 3cm from the bottom of each stem with a pair of sharp scissors! Make sure to cut the stems in a diagonal fashion as this ensures that there's a large surface area for the peonies to 'drink' water easily.

2. Give Your Peonies a Clean 'Home'

Find a vase and clean it thoroughly to prepare it for your peonies' moving in! Fill about 2/3 of it with fresh, cool water, as peonies are sensitive to heat. Then, add some flower food in and stir gently.

3. Remove Leaves and Foliage

Now that the vase has been prepared, hold your peonies by the vase and estimate how much of the stems will be submerged in water. Remove all leaves and foliage that are on that part of the stems so that they won't fall into the water and cause bacteria to grow, which can harm your beautiful peonies!

Pink Peony

4. Place Your Peonies Somewhere Suitable

To make sure your peonies last long, place them somewhere cool away from direct sunlight. (They don't last long in heat, remember?) Also, avoid placing them near fresh fruits as some fruits release chemicals that make flowers fade fast!

5. Repeat the Process

Every 2 to 3 days, cut the stems off diagonally again and refill the vase with fresh water! This ensures that your peonies stay fresh for as long as possible! 

Fresh Flower Care Card

With that, your peonies should brighten up your room for a longer time. Feel free to also download/print out this little card we created just for flower pals such as you!


Ana Hana

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